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Communications Specialist

We are an independent Communications Specialist.

We help clients find their unique voice and make the impact they desire.  

Founded in 2015 by creative independents, we leverage your unique strengths so the right customers get attracted to you. Our solutions stem from years of experience with multinational agencies converging with new technologies, giving you the communication tools

to grow your influence.

We offer

Life Sciences advertising.  Integrative healthcare communication.

Medical Detailers and presenters in online and offline formats. Professional Facebook Page creation - development to production, setup, and maintenance.  Digital content for pharmaceuticals, banking & finance.

CEO, CMO boardroom presentations.  Winning case studies for International competitions. Online content writing, marketing collaterals.

We are a professional, duly registered marketing services company led by creative-preneurs.

We specialize in messaging and design at a cost that makes sense to your business. 

White Room

Human, elegant, positive and uplifting.

These are themes that best describe our style. Likewise, we approach every project from idea to final form, liberating you from the hassles of vendor negotiations, project management, supervision. That way your time is better spent on things that matter most in marketing.

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