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Why Bright Side

The work we do can be done by your current agency. No doubt. But it will cost triple, and it will compete time and attention with other bigger projects.

Bright Side works on a few projects at a time, dedicating a designer or team for you as you award the project. We collaborate with partners who are fellow independents. Bright Side is your project manager and developer, will cast the right talent, do the work and execution.

The costs are more efficient, you only pay for what you use - and the Estimate is transparent. We operate to build your trust so you feel more confident too. We charge project management where we make some profit. Unless there is no creative work involved and all you want is for brightside to supervise in which case we charge 17.65% standard.

Bright Side works with your brand guidelines - improves on it, or if need be, localize it.

We are a senior team, with seasoned professionals in communication, art, design, writing so the work you get is spot on, with a level of maturity and intelligence you'd expect for your category.

Which is why Bright Side is an excellent fit for more difficult categories, where a bit more maturity and sophistication is required.

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